Dennis Covey Art

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Previous Shows
Barren Vessels: Bodyscape
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Wide Open
An Evolving Evening Of Live Art.
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Barren Vessels: Bodyscape
This installation was inspired by my studio move several years ago. All of the pieces were arranged flat on the floor to prep for transport and the raw cast torsos suddenly took on an amazing ethereal quality. Viewed en masse and through the unfamiliar hollow silhouette provided lying flat, they offered the suggestion of hollow shells washed ashore or empty trunks hollowed out by the sands of time. A walkthrough three dimensional bodyscape.
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Over 50 raw pieces “cast aside” for a unique final viewing as bodyscape before metamorphosing. Multiple pieces were “transformed” during the two day walkthrough mix media exhibit, releasing the constrained energy within the cast.
Torsos Old And New
Old works revisited. New works discovered. Works in progress.
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Live Cast Demo 8 PM Both Evenings.
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Basic mold making with participating audience members.
Testing New Materials
Here I am layering pigmented silicone to create flexible translucent sculpted pieces.
These pieces can be back lit to achieve some really incredible effects.
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