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Lifecasts capture a portion of the human physique in ultra high 3d relief as sculpture.
Capture yourself or commission a specific model in ultra high relief.
Here are answers to many questions about creating a lifecast sculpture.

What Is A Lifecast?

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Body casting has been a practice since the ancient egyptians who made “death casts” of their departed subjects.

Several early Presidents had death masks made, likely unbeknownst to them.

Today we create “lifecasts”, a replica mold taken from a part of a human body.

Each body is unique and special in its own right. By taking a mold directly from the body, all the shape, form, details and expressions are captured in their uniqueness. When the mold is poured and the piece is built and finished, the casting becomes a unique one of a kind piece of fine art that can be wall mounted, displayed on a stand, or even suspended.

A lifecast sculpture is a memory in ultra high relief 3D and captures the body unlike any other art form. Because they are dimensional they invite the viewer to touch and interact and can be viewed from a variety of angles.

Capture and preserve the beauty of your own body or the body of your loved one as one of these sensual sculptures sure to be a conversation starter for years to come.

The Process

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The lifecasting process involves a human model being manually covered with a natural gel-like compound - alginate - made from agar/sea kelp, that sets into a rubbery-like solid. Cotton batting is embedded into the gel before it sets and once set, covered with plaster bandage to form a hard shell encasing the entire mold.
A release layer of lotion or creme is applied prior to the alginate to assist in the removal of the finished mold. The alginate application is the shortest and most critical part of the casting, about a ten minute process. The plaster bandage takes the remainder of the time to apply and set to proper strength. The entire process from application to removal is approximately 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the pose. The pose may, but not necessarily, involve standing in a vertical supported position for the duration of the process. Once the cast is removed the model showers and leaves immediately, as the mold is time sensitive in retaining detail. The first layer must be built right away.

Watch the 40 minute process fast forwarded to 4 minutes here.


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Do you have or have you ever had?

Sinus allergies
Difficulty breathing / shortness of breath
Difficulty breathing through the nose exclusively
Other respiratory condition
Allergic skin reactions / rashes
Sensitive skin
Panic attack
Heart condition
Vertigo / Light headedness
Black out / fainting spell
Difficulty standing for any length of time
Unremovable piercings

Although the alginate is a natural compound, and none of my models have ever experienced an allergic reaction to it, I must conduct a small allergen test to insure the model doesn't have a negative reaction. It takes ten minutes and is done prior to setting up a casting session.

The Studio

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The sculpture studio is where all lifecasting work takes place. This is also home to my private gallery which is by appointment only.

In order to capture the essence of a person who is posing for a lifecasting it is important that they feel comfortable. I have created an environment in my studio that is inviting, comfortable, private, professional and safe. Before ever booking a session, I meet with the client at the studio to review the lifecasting process, do an allergen test, and discuss the pose and type of sculpture that they are most interested in. At this stage it is very important that I give my input and experience as an artist and sculptor to help decide on the best pose and style of sculpt for you.

You are welcome to bring along your partner or a friend to this initial consultation and together view the private gallery to see all the possibilities of lifecasting.

Your safety is my primary consideration.
All the materials and products used on the body are medical, dental, or special effects grade. These products have been designed for safety, of you and the artists as well. I work very closely with my suppliers to research and understand all about new materials and current technology.
You will be guided through every step of all procedures for your own safety.

I want the lifecast experience to be as much a good memory as the cast itself is.


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Size, complexity, pose and finish/detail, are all determining factors in final pricing of each unique lifecast sculpture.

In order to give an accurate quote it is necessary to meet with you to determine a pose and what and how much you’d like to capture in the sculpt. Prices usually range from $800 for simple torsos and smaller pieces to $1500 for pieces that might include chin and arms to the thighs. Unique concepts with additional sculpts raise the price into the $2500+ range. An actual metals quote would be based on current market variables and size and scope of the piece. A recent quote for a med size bronze resulted in a $9000+ price.

The initial consultation is conducted at the studio, during which I will show you the gallery, do an allergen test, discuss poses and ideas, and take requisite measurements, enabling me to give you a final quote for your lifecast.
When you are ready to commission a lifecast, a 50% deposit of the final cost is required to book a date.

The outstanding balance plus shipping and handling is payable when the artwork is delivered, usually within a couple of weeks.
You are invited to make an appointment to visit the gallery to explore how you can create your own legacy lifecast.