Dennis Covey Art

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I have been doing photography and working in my own darkroom since I was 12. It was the magic of seeing the image appear in a tray of chemistry that got me hooked on photography. Very early on I developed an interest in doing figure studies. I was greatly influenced by the tone and movement of the wonderful black and white studies by George Hester in "The Classic Nude".

The greatest impact however was the amazing work of dancers by
Kenn Duncan for After Dark magazine. That publication along with the photography for International Male catalog, that I would eventually work with for fifteen years, set the tone of my fine art figure style.

When digital came along I was one of the first to embrace the technology as fervently as I had the image in the chemistry tray. That was almost twenty years before most people knew what it even was. Today I still do my commercial photography, but haven't produced a fine art image in over five years.

My passion these days lies in the making of the sculpted pieces which are obviously influenced by these images. I hope you enjoy this body of work as much I as I enjoyed creating it.