Dennis Covey Art

“I have worked with the human form in my commercial photography and fine art studies for more than 45 years. Sculpting the human physique with light is what I do for two dimensional media. Just as photography captures light on a subject in an instant as imagery, lifecasting captures a physique at a moment in time in three dimensional media.

The sculpture has become a natural extension of my two dimensional physique studies. The hands on creative process of sculpting fulfills something more basic. It’s a very childlike process. It’s playing with goop and mixing mud and getting all dirty.
I tune in to the sculpture in ways that I can't with my two dimensional work. When sanding and finishing a piece it vibrates and resonates and sings creating a physical bond.
When I'm applying the finishes I dance with the piece and we mutually agree as to the colors it will become.

My creative life is blessed with a wonderful balance of artistic expression utilizing state of the art technology for the realization of my personal vision in imagery and casting techniques dating back to the ancient egyptians resulting in sculpture.”